I just wanna ask 2 things

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  1. Not related to gimkit creative
  2. Not related to gimkit creative
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Absolute W Facts.

I just RQ wanna know I’m not trying to make a clutter and I do not know

too late buddy

oh and it does not have to be about GKC

if someone answers these I will solve it

the forum’s pretty much abt GKC tho-

A flag I’ll say is what I do to this post.
:person_facepalming: you’ve already had warning from other people on this on other posts.

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  1. Why would you possibly need to concieve the Pinky gim moving? Pinky is not a sentry skin in Gimkit Creative, and is not useful for anything as a Gim. This redundant question is not even related in the most infinitesimal degree.
  2. You are a basic.

but it does not HAVE to me about GKC

GimKit Creative Forums.

well AT LEAST tell me how to flag things I just wanna know (I need to flag something)

you flag a post by clicking on the three dots on it in the bottom right hand corner and click the flag.

I don’t have the …

Because you are not tl2 (member) meaning that you visited 15 days.

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oh ok ty

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