I just realized a MASSIVE problem for people trying to make Among Us

So, what people are doing for Among Us is making the game cooperative and switching a player to a certain team, right? Well, obviously, you’ll want to turn off the leaderboard for it, but for some reason, even with the leaderboard turned off, you can still press L to look at it (I think @LxmasHaxTakis and @MonodonMonoceros have mentioned this before). This means that people could just press L and SEE WHO THE IMPOSTOR IS. I have no idea how to fix this unfortunately, so we may have to find another impostor method.


Yep! Glad others found this. I’ve made amogus and told my testers not to use this, but the game died to to people cheating. Thanks for looking at the forums!

You can switch the leaderboard so that instead of sorting by teams, it sorts by players.
For example, in One way out, its cooperative, and everyone’s on the same team. But if you look at the leaderboard, there’s nothing team-y about it. It just shows how many knockouts each player got.


Still tells you what team they’re on

Perhaps you could enable the leaderboard and then set it to track an irrelevant data point (for example, the number of blue fish that each player has)? Getting knockouts shouldn’t affect a player’s leaderboard position at all, so people checking the leaderboard shouldn’t be able to obtain any contextual clues as to who’s knocking out others.

Note: you’ll also want to set the leaderboard to sort groups by player (as previously suggested) so that there aren’t any team-based clues either.


you can see their team no matter what

Putting players on individual teams would probably help, then

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but then the impostor can do tasks

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What if you made it so that teams 1,2,3 and so on can do tasks, but whatever teams the imposters will be on won’t be able to?

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You can’t really do that.

also welcome to the community!

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how about use triggers and barriers around the task and when a crewmate steps on it it activates the barriers deactivate and activate but for imposters can’t activate triggers at all?

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again, how do you tell who the crewmates and impostors are??

team scope? maybe? uhh ive tried it once

WHAT IM SAYING IS, As LoNg As ThE iMpOsTors and crewametes are on different teams, you can press L to see the leaderboard and see who is on which team!!!

he was talking about the tasks

i already have the tasks done, i wasn’t talking about tasks, idk why he thought i was!!!

This can be effectively fixed by having the leaderboard track by players.

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but it still shows what team they’re on unless they fixed that

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if it tracks players then it wouldn’t show teams

idk if they are going to fix this