I heard that you need a wolf gim

This is what I made with a pen


That is a really good idea! :wolf: for the win!

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Any more gim request let me know

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Great art, I am the one creating the gim and there is a whole collection not just a gim, I wanted to show josh a full collection beacuse it will be awsome. I already made the gim on paper and now I need to some how make it on the computer(challenging). Here is the info on the collection that I wrote on paper;

This is still a work in progress and should hopefully be sent to josh by thanks giving.


What we can make our own gim!

yes but you have to send it to them and there is like a 0.5% chance it will get added, normally they just say “Great idea we will look at it and keep on creating!”

Thats why I am directly emailing josh instead of gimkit, and making a whole collection.

How do I do that I got so many ideas

Ok so you can send it to them via the mail(but who uses the mail anymore) or you can email them. Their email is hello@gimkit.com.

Your gims look really cool! This is considered off topic for this forum though, so you can either email that to josh or suggest that here

Thats not josh’s email, i will not give it out because he may prefure it to be secret so no, that was gimkit’s email, and you can post this on the GCC, WIX, or the Not site, because this is a bit off-topic.

Oh sorry but ok now I know

No worries let me know if you need a link to either of those 3 sites.

can you try a capybara or fish

Show me a photo of what it looks like



@Taytay123, can you mark a solution to this post? It’s off-topic.

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