I have this small blocks question

I have this block, and “Spacer” is spacing out a piece of text, and when i do 1 space, it’s too little, when i do 2 spaces, it’s too much, so what do i do? image:

don’t mind the get property block before the property space, i didn’t mean to do that, and i fixed it

please, if anyone has ideas on how to do this, please tell me

I honestly would help but I am still working on my Blocks skills so I don’t know

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I don’t think we can help, but if you add photos, you might get some help.

ummm… this isn’t really a blocks question jsyk.
you just gotta pick 1 or 2 spaces unless there is somehow a copy and paste on a random website for 1.5 spaces


ok, thank you for telling me


does this space work?


yes, yes yes, thank you so much, sorry just excited

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I found it on this random website:

I used the Braille blank one.

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thank you so much

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