I have sentries that the players have to knockout but once it is knocked out is the knockout showed for everyone?

I haven’t tested my game in multiplayer yet, and I don’t know if the knockout works for multiplayer… my game is called snow brawl please let me know if this works or not so I can fix the issue, and also tell me how I can fix it as well and maybe more ideas for my game (NOTE: The game snow brawl isn’t the one that has been out for a while, it is a new one). (Ps: Do the sentries get knocked out on everyone else’s side? I would like it to show each individual player’s knockouts, not so it shows it in game for everyone. It is kind of like a race on who can finish it first,)

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You would start with a lifecycle. Set it to ‘player knocks out’.

Add a notification. Add the text in the notification you want. [To have it display the name of the player/sentry knocked out, you will need blocks. If you want that, ask.]

Wire the lifecycle to the notification. This will do something like what you are asking.

[Don’t post a code for a multiplayer test, by the way. That is not allowed. Do it here.]

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Thank you!! I will try that

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It should say on the side (person) Eye downed or whatever weapon your using (sentry)

That would be an interesting challenge. It would require a checker system, and block code.
[Considering making a guide…nobody else make one on that please]

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Welcome to the forums @TheGimCollector!

thank you!! When my game goes into multiplayer I will check and see

Welcome @TheGimCollector Sounds like you have a nice and interesting game in the making, hope I hear more about it!

is that the case? if so mark solution

thank you!! maybe check it out sometime!! please give me feedback on what it needs if you do!

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I cant the game wix is blocked and so is my school email to others not from me school… I wish though…last time I asked how I could go on others games they flagged me because I couldn’t comment back because max posts.

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so it went into multiplayer and it didnt show that, it was like we were a team to defeat the sentries, but it was still cool, i dont think it will work for my classmates though.

wait are you a teacher?

no im a student, i meant the other students in my class

well okay then but it works just sometimes the messages dont pop up

its just the thing is when i was knocking out some of the sentries, and i had to heal, when i came back to the sentries there were fewer then the ones that i fought

They most likely killed eachother