I have Creativity Block. Help me please lol

I can’t think of any map ideas, and me and Fedora need something to do to fill the next couple hours tonight. Please please please, ideas would be SO appreciated!!!

solution found, other replies are welcome tho :]

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battle royale, boom.

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oh yeah thx lol

How about a jailbreak game? Or a search and rescue mission game? Or hide and seek?

i actually thought it wouldn’t let marked lmao
but you could add some like plot twists too, not just a boring battle royale

the battle royal LLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE (its just a game theory, brothers)

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Can I help you and Fedora?

sure, sending code will be hard tho

Use this padlet:


put the code in your bio


Alright let’s stop posting here

makes sense

uh it broke lol

last last post: @Kormorant check my art portfolio last page

i hope this is not necropositing but i think that giving a twist on a staff-made games is a good idea

Nah nercoposting is usually around 10d+ later.

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its all good

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aight so uh
@That_Fedora_Guy @Kormorant we got kicked out because BJ left
the game can’t handle without a host in the game