I have an idea... I need some help

Every big helper or gimer should get together to make a great map that is awesome like awesome and then surprise josh with it or something.

that would be AMAZING :smiley:

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Nice, but when we build the game and share it to moderators, i don’t know what their reaction will be. It would be a waste of time or perfect.

Sometimes the mods wouldn’t play because they aren’t online.

but they probably would if everyone was in on it

They’re busy with a lot of stuff though

yeah i knew there was gonna be a setback

Yes, that’s the problem. They would fix the bugs occurred from Gimkit Season 1 instead of looking at our game since they’re busy.

i agree. it was just an idea

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It would be great if the mods weren’t busy at all.

How would making a map be a waste of time for the mods? They can just choose not to play it.

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