I have a really dumb question (resolved)

I need help making one of the easiest things, a sign. every time I try to add text in FRONT of the sign it turns out like this:
any help?

just put it where you want it to be and then use layers to fix it

hello theres a thing called layers at the top of you left screen

you can use layers to fix that, just move the layer to above the wooden sign.

i explained a good amount here

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Hey can I get the link to the forum please, I need help please :face_holding_back_tears:

you are on the forum you can make a post by going to the topics section and click new topic. then make your questions.

In gimkit creative, there’s something called layers that allows you to decide what is on top of what. I can’t remember which corner, but in one of the corners it says “layers.” What’s on the top in layers is on the top in the game.

Hey its ok took me a minute to remember layers

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but yea just take the text click on the top left corner and put the text in the above layers or just above the layer the sign is on the text will change color when you go onto it on a layer