I have a question

is there a way to put a trigering players name in a proprety

Use the “Set property” block and put the triggering player name block at the bottom slot. Does this work?

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it should

no… it doesnt, or atleast for me

Can you send a screenshot of your code?

Make sure the property doesn’t store a number value. To store a player name, it has to have a string value.

by that you mean text, right?


the proprety is a text value.

how do you know it isn’t working

What is pulsing that device?

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a button is (extra charater)

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Btw, you can put any words that aren’t spaces in these brackets <> to hide the words.

Make sure the property name in the code matches the actual property name. Then use @ClicClac 's debugging method to find out what’s wrong.


it works!

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