I have a question related on how to disable the questioner

So I’m recreating Murder Mystery 2 from Roblox onto Gimkit. I finished everything but I have 1 problem. So you see, I only want 1 player to have the possession of the Evil Eye. (Which that person is the sheriff.) And in order to prevent multiple people having the Evil Eye at the same time, I wanna disable the Questioner once a player gets it correct. I want it to be disabled until the last person who answered the questioner is killed so that the other player can fill in the position of the sheriff. If you can help, that’ll be helpful to me!

Thank You!

Do you have a property for the sheriff?

just use channels to open and close the questioner, so players cant just open it (like with an overlay or a button) and make it close on the correct answer channel, so only 1 question can be answered before it is closed, and make the overlay or button deactivate on the correct answer channel

I mean only the questioner will activate if the person who last answered the questioner correct dies.

When the sheriff is chosen, set a property to the name of the sheriff.

When player knocked out → Trigger.

Trigger’s block code:

if (get property) [sheriff] = [triggering player’s name] then

broadcast message on channel “sheriffdead”

Questioner settings:

Activate questioner when receiving on:


When question answered correctly → Repeat the wire pulse

When the wire repeater receives a pulse → Deactivate Questioner

When question answered correctly → Trigger

Trigger’s block code:

set property [sheriff]
value [triggering player’s name]

Hope this helped!

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Why does the sheriff have an EVIL eye? Isn’t the sheriff good?


Why not have the sheriff drop the evil eye and have a property and item manager for the amount of evil eyes. When the property changes, then you can open the questioner. I probably don’t understand what you are meaning though. My view is that you want only 1 person to have the evil eye, and you want whoever next gets the evil eye to answer a question, right?

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You could have a trigger or wire repeater and connect the questioner “when answer question correctly” into the wire repeater “Disable questioner”

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