I have a question about memory percentage

on memory usage does a higher percentage mean more memory or less?
For example, does 100% mean you can’t do anything else on the map?

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the higher the percentage the higher the memory usage

got it :+1:
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how can bypass that rule by typing in < >

Where would you type that in

Anywhere on your post

once you reach 100 you can’t place anything down. 1%=1000 memory

So 100,000 memory is the max

yes. If you have 99990 memory or something and you have a device that is more then 10 memory, it will not work

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At 100% memory you can no longer place anything in gimkit and like how @potato1 1000 memory is in 1 percent meaning a maximum of 100,000 memory is available in a GKC game.

100% means you can’t do anything an more. But, 100% is 100,000 memory so don’t worry! Make sure to mark a solution!

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