I have a map where you pick a role any ideas

all of them have sling shot by default

You could add more health to the tank.

you can add blacksmith to upgrade weapons

Every role has powers locked to the role one of them you get automatically you have to power points (bananas) most powers cost 1 some cost two EX: speed has even more speedy go fast forever and sprint go faster then speedy but only for a limited time and has a cool down

OK i will thank for the idea

ok I will make it so after a long time he gets materials to make better weapons.

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I will make a poll for the one i should add first if you want the role in the poll say i have pole idea the role and how it works

if there is a way to make poll in gimkit pls tell me :wink:

wait so a poll in here? or in Gimkit?

Ooh, maybe an archer with a blaster (fast shots) and when they upgrade their weapon it’s like they’re getting better arrows.

you could make a messenger or someone that has no sides and is kind of like the bat between the birds and beasts.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 2.35.45 PM

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In here not in gimkit

I might be able to do chief

I know maybe after they KO someone they get another blaster of a less rare kind with instant full ammo

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Or maybe a damage buff after a ko

And also your idea.

Maybe I’ll make him able to spawn sentry’s around the map

I made his regeneration speed up

By the way I will say all the upgrades for the roles
Assassin has speed 1 banana makes him fast healing KO he heals by KOs 1 banana rare attack Gets a epic quantum portal 1 banana and Gun gives rare quantum portal free
Assassin like to hide behind rocks and what for enemy’s counters tank hard weak to speed to fast to get close quantum portal is slow and warden and sneaky ( both can see through rocks warden’s see through rocks is 1 banana sneaky’s is for free. Just don’t bring a assassin on open field it’s like a fish out of water