I have a device that randomly choose a number 1-5 but it is repeating twice for some reason

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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im not the block guy sooo…

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Can you show the full setup?

Also, for any future help posts you might need, please put the question in the actual post and not in the title.

and a button off screen.

yeah sorry I couldn’t think of a good title.

It’s ok. You could bout like block repeating or something like that.

block repeating? how?

Which trigger had the blocks? And also does the trigger have any channels? Also, what channel does the checker receive on?

What does the trigger between the wire repeater and lottery ticket item granter do?

The trigger on the bottom right is the one with the blocks, but the checker was connected to the trigger but I was running a quick check to see if the repeating was a problem with the checker.

Ok. Is the checker triggered by the button?

yes, the checker is triggered by the button and the trigger is just for a short delay.

I don’t know then. It looks like this has also happened to me. When I use my merchant system, I get 2 quantum portals instead of one.

(-_-) sad, I liked the idea I had for this machine.

@ben.jackson, I suggest you delete your join codes. They are against the Forum Guidelines.

You could work around it. Or delete it and do it again. Or you could halve the rewards assuming they aren’t all 1. You should put this under bugs and not mark a solution.

You can explain how the entire mechanism is supposed to work? I may be able to figure it out with that.