I have a baker role ideas

The only ideas I have for the baker role is p.m.l

Any help for ideas??

It is a pvp game…………

add a game overlay saying eat a pie
you gain health back

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:grinning: :+1: great idea for the baker

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but give it a cool down or else they will spam regen

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The baker could potentially have an ability called rare spices. Basically they can use different spices and foods to give them different buffs, such as damage and speed. They might also have an ability called spice rain, where they make the air thick with their spices, allowing them to tint the air for everyone else.


I will do that for sure

Ok good idea thank you so much

the baker can find bread around the map and can pick them up to upgrade their weapon

good point


You could also make it so that the baker can use the spices to stop their opponents from moving

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Good idea I will try it

Add a zone specifically for the baker, where the baker can restock on pies with a mini game that the baker can still get damaged in. Maybe instead of a cool down, you could make it have a 4 second delay from pressing the overlay to gaining regen, so you can’t just spam it in battles without waiting a lot. And 4 seconds in combat is basically eternity.


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I will do a mini game it sounds more original

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You could also make a role to counter the baker like one that poisons food and also how about making there be food around the map that the person who could poison foods poisons it.

Oh yeah the poisoner can also stop the Baker from doing the minigames by poisoning his pies so he has to redo them