I have 1 game left, what should I make

I have 1 game left, what should I make

An AI training map. Train the AI, get the values from the properties, implement it in your other maps.



btw when are you available to help with voting for Rithiked?

In like 2-3 hours. I’ll also be doing game night though.

ok, i might not be available though. I will see you tomorrow then :slight_smile:

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Maybe a map! (jk) You should make a map of something, like a video game, or a movie. (ex. Pokemon, Dora the Explorer, etc.)

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You can make a battle training arena, the ai goes up as the number of enemies you defeat, and you can use the points from killing enemies to buy better weapons.

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You can do whatever you wish! My one suggestion: go all out in everything! Make it super complicated and get the memory up to 98%-100%! Get all those blocks and art and just DO IT ALL!

btw that’s a joke, I suggest you do something productive that will benefit Gimkit and use up as much memory as possible

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I actually was considering that lol

Lol, what a guees Wingwave, and @potato1 remember to mark a solution soon.

Btw @WolfTechnology, is your Skeld guide finished? I’m going to finally tackle Among Us.

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Oh yeah skeld has been done for a while, are you talking about MIRA? And really? That would be sweet.

Ok, thanks!

Um, no problem? and what are you going to make on the among us section?

I mean I’m going to make it (the entire thing) in Creative. Sorry for not being so specific, but now let’s get back on-topic (or not reply here anymore).

(well, once I have the time)

The map, all sytems, and task? Thats a lot to do and the map its self is like 30-35% memory, so you have to be careful on what you do. It will most likely be a huge undertaking and very time consuming. But I give you good luck and let me know if I can help!

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