I hate teleporters (again)

just spent about an hour of my life trying to fix a teleporting system to find now that it teleports the players but now it just randomly teleports them to one of the teleporters, how do I make them team specific?

there should be a team setting in the portal have you checked that

there isnt unless it the group setting

@OoGoO I think I have a solution.

Make the teleporter, first of all, NOT teleport to a certain teleporter. Yes, I said NOT.

Now, put a trigger down and make it NON VISIBLE in game, but trigger able by collision. Make sure it is UNDER THE TELEPORTER

In the Trigger’s blocks, do it so that it sees if the triggerer is a team 1 or team 2. Team 1, transmit on channel to teleport to that teleporter. Team 2, same thing but to team 2 teleporter

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yes that have you checked it ?

thats not for teams only for teleporter groups

what teleporter groups?


@OoGoO, stop making new topics for the same question. It is number 3, and you are making clutter, just continue on another one of the topics you made.


why would you put them in groups?? if you put them in groups of course its going to teleport the player to a random teleporter in that group
if you want it specific just do what blizzy said -_-

Don’t put them in groups. If two teleporters are in the same target group it’s going to be random.

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So we are essetially using teleporters as a prop. Well in that case, we can just do this with any other prop, like a escape hatch.

basically what i just said…

why are people so difficult sometimes…-_-

Dont make it abug scince my map takes full advantage of this perk

Whoops, didn’t read it.
(sry, i am VERY difficult)

My bad, I was typing mine while you posted yours D:

whatever its fine im just annoyed today cuz blocks are being difficult on scratch


WAIT, that wasn’t to me!
(i am so difficult…)

Simply Wire repeaters.

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