I got bored again

I need another game idea. I’ve asked for so many, and at this point, I don’t care if it’s original. I don’t have platformer. Please give me ideas to cure my boredom. And yes, there are other games I could make, like the unfinished ones, but I’m losing interest in those. So for probably the fourth time, any ideas?

Drought adventure map.
The need for da holy water

if u bored play game /w me

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Did you read the first post? I need ideas for a game, I don’t want to play one. If you’re going to post, please make it on-topic to the first post.

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yeah sorry I read the post but I’m really bored to

Well the forums are for creative, not sharing codes.

I wasn’t gonna share the code here

Escape room game? Idk. I’m not very creative

Game idea:
Boredom: The GAME

each room the player must complete a useless task to move on.

room 1: kindergarten math
count how many hay bails are there, then insert the number in the counter

Room 2: Buttons
press a button 100 times

Room 3: standing
the room has 9 boxes, and the player must stand on each box (not moving) for 1 minute. When the time is over he is allowed to walk to another box. The game is over when he stands on all the boxes

room 4: room 2 dejavu
you must press one button to activate another button (deactivating itself), and when the other button it pressed it activates the first button. Complete this cycle 30 times to move on**

Room 5: slow and steady
you must walk 200 blocks/tiles in Gimkit at 0.2 speed

Room 6: the Finale
You must press a button 30 times to show the hay bails that need to be counted. Insert the number of hay bails on the counter. If it is correct, then, you can run (at 0.2 speed) to a finish line where to must stand for 1 minute, while pressing an overlay to show you are not AFK

quiz game

different options using text and number the the answers, using counters to insert player’s answers. If you get it correct you progress.

simulator game

Like Fishtopia, or Farming, or mining, you could do something for day to day life and make it more interactive by using buttons and popups and loads of props.

battle game

team v team or player v sentries and you just use the weapons to fight and try to be the last standing. Put some props with collision on and some with collision off, and use teleporters.

choose your own adventure game

Use buttons and popups with options that lead to different endings. This makes it more fun, interactive and engaging for players and this is a kind of game loads of people love.

escape room game

Use riddles and this so players need to figure out which way is correct. Use mazes and maybe a few attacking sentries.

hide and seek game

Literally in the name. One player/team hides and the other seeks. Use lots of props and some collision on some off to help people hide.

Pick 2-3 ideas please! :wink:

  • quiz game
  • simulator game
  • battle game
  • choose your own adventure game
  • escape room game
  • hide and seek game
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Aarakis ahh moment! This is a moment in history!! -caseoh

WhereIsMyHat has a great guide to keep you occupied here.

You could try to create Blastball, the land of the ball queens and kings! But…someone kidnapped them!! And you have to figure out who it is, once you figure out who it is, you will play in a match with them! If you win, you get back the queen and king. If you lose, game over.


i love that, i think you should do that @TheBKing

Make a 3d renderer.

(post deleted by author)

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You can make a dig it up without platformer. You can use the dynamic blocks in normal mods as well :melting_face:

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Try making a game that includes every device in the game, and if, like the overlay, there is 3 different versions, button, text, and tracked item, do all the versions of that device

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Sorry for not being online, I’m usually not active on weekends. I love all the ideas though, and will start replying to my favorites!

I read this before it was deleted, and might change a bit, but it sounds like a great idea!