I got a really cool idea for a game, need help with ideas

this is a game i’m gonna start making when DLD creative comes out.
it’s gonna be called i wanna be the gim
the game will be heavily inspired by i wanna be the guy and i wanna test the game
the game is basically don’t look down, but 100x harder. and it’ll be completely beaten and verified possible by me

the game will include:
absolutely no checkpoints
only 2 lives
different routes that lead to different levels and shops
a " tutorial "
really big and small objects
insta-kill sentries and lasers
a big amount of traps
random distractions “popups, notifications, and questions”
invisible objects and walls
invisible traps
mazes “idea by cringekarlscott”

boss fights "idea by cringekarlscott
a boss at the end “idea by cringekarlscott”
a " tutorial " " i will not elaborate further "
more replayability “idea by cringekarlscott”

if anyone wants to add more ideas to this game. it’ll be appreciated a ton!!

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Wait what is DLD Creative?

They are adding a DLD mechanic to Gimkit Creative

here’s a bunch of ideas for it:

  • some sort of story that the game follows, everything plays a role and has a character backstory
  • a boss at the end
  • highly interactive environments (you can do something with everything)
  • sub-missions and unlockable/hidden areas
  • collectables
  • portals
  • moving platforms
  • training / a beginning tutorial
  • selectable difficulties
  • replayability - lots of variety and different ways to play
  • dangerous stuff that moves
  • mazes

if this helps, remember to mark it as a solution!


I don’t know what that is…

I mean DLD mechanics

ask somewhere else then, please stay on-topic

Okay, I know this is stupid of me to ask, but why, in the title, does it say “I got a really cool idea”, then you need help for IDEAS. It doesn’t make sense to me.

stop yapping bro :sob: i have an idea for a game and i need help with ideas for mechanics for the game

he got a cool* idea for a game, and needs help with feature ideas.

by the way @JRgimkit, you should probably change the title to say that you need feature ideas.

*tbh its rly not that cool, its just a platformer, not original at all
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It just caught my attention and I needed to ask.

we can all see that. Although I will say, it is true.

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have you read my reply?
i listed 10+ ideas

i don’t really mean that. i just have an interesting idea. i should prolly change it

i did? also. thanks a ton for the ideas

oh ok
please mark a solution then
and at least give it a like ._.

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i would give you a like
but i ran out