I got a question about spawn mechanics if anyone has time!

Welcome to the forum, @blitzkriegbrigadier! In the spawn pad’s settings, you can change what team spawns where. Make sure to mark a solution it it works!

Yes in the settings of th spawn pad device there is teams, just set the teams different fo each team.
Screenshot 2023-10-26 10.59.30 AM

thanks a lot man, really appreciate it

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will do, thanks for the info

No problem, please mark a solution and let me know if i can help you with anything else.

Yes you can change the scope of a spawner. Make sure to mark a solution! Also, Welcome to the forum, @blitzkriegbrigadier!!!

Welcome to the forums @blitzkriegbrigadier !!!

wait why does it say regular next to your name
i thought you were a leader


idk how 12345678900987654321

STAY ON TOPIC! also, that was a test he passed but the community failed.


Please stay on topic

Because that is my trust level, there are basic, member, regular, and leader, when you get to regular, you get a title and that goes next to my name.

You can put words in < > to make them disappear.


never mind!!!

but i swear he was
how do you be a regular or a leader


but you were leader before right
what happened
also how do you get regular


Look at this @Little

I was a leader because Jeffo made me one as a test that I passed, but the community failed, so it was taken away, I was regular before leader. Now lets get back on topic.

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how i dont get it

can someone explain please


Can you create a different post for this?