I found this weird bug with teleporters

Every time I enter a teleporter, my camera just goes crazy… Is it lag or something?
Now, it may just be for me, but I don’t think it has ever happened before. Can someone give me an answer?

This has happened a lot to me, the camera also goes weird when I’m changing device settings…

Maybe it is just a natural thing but idk

It hasn’t happened before today…?
Hopefully they fix it soon.

Idk why I just noticed it now if that’s the case.

yea that happened to me today

yeah me too and it’s weird

I think it’s lag + the camera is moving and shows you where you are going.

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It also goes weird when i enter fullscreen. The screen becomes the background terrain for a second and now back.

I made a fresh new map and it happened to me too.

A bug that came with April Fools, I think. It’s a little annoying.