I found a glitch!

Why would it be intentional?

Well, not maybe intentional, but something that doesn’t really matter. I’m sure the creators of the game know, but don’t really care as the bug doesn’t do any harm whatsoever. In fact, maps are actually like really, really, big, if you know how to use Gimhook.

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How big are we talking?

This happened to me too, I actually got lost because I couldn’t see myself.

You know the size of the gimkit arsenal map (around 100 tiles)? Multiply that by like 10x, and that’s not even the biggest zoom :skull:

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I’m estimating around 10,000 tiles.

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Wait wuts Gimkit Arsenal?

This happened to me… I don’t think it should happen and it did… IDK

But who knows? I agree with mysz. It doesn’t do any harm, buuuttt, it does make sence to fix it

Alright, I don’t have the picture anymore, but here’s a 0.1 zoom increase from the full map size:


Yeah, uh… we could go a lot further.


@here Look at this monstrosity:

That’s like 20 times the size of the ENTIRE MAP of Gimkit Arsenal, and it doesn’t end there. That’s gotta be like 10,000 tiles.

Keep in mind this goes out the map, but… yeah.


Is that the full map? It looks like the whole map is right next to (0,0)…

Yeah. Keep in mind Blackhole’s computer probably can’t handle higher zooms at this point, because the zooming system is exponetial. BUT just think about how insanely large the entire gimuniverse is.


My computer is pretty good, but it cannot handle a full map zoom. However, maps are 500x500 for a total of 250,000 tiles.

Ooh… thats awesome! Doesn’t look like 500 tiles though. More like 5000 or like 50,000 tiles though (lengthwise).

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Thats what josh said so idk lol
Another thing I neglected to remember is that at this zoom size gimhook will break past the map size limit, so I actually am probably past 500x500.
So I guess my computer can handle a full map zoom @mysz

This is normal. This happens all the time when I see how far the map goes but thx for pointing that out!

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Always make sure to mark a solution!

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