I dunno how to do it

ok I’ll try that


I don’t think it worked


what do you mean? what went wrong?

What exactly happened?
As @Aubec7 said, please elaborate.

uhh I will just tell you guys everything. I have a vending machine that is wired to the other vending machine that you need to buy the trap. the vending machine activates the trigger which activates the bars.
Screenshot 2023-11-30 5.47.22 PM

also I wired the trigger to bars

okay so what’s the problem, @Badkarma ???

It just won’t even show the bars

it doesn’t work for anything

let me see your wiring

@Badkarma couldn’t you just wire the vending machine to the bicycle racks directly? Item purchased → Show prop?


yeah I think thats what he did, or at least thats what I said for him to do

trigger wiring

vending machine
bicycle racks

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no cuz Then the bad guy wouldn’t be in the trap

don’t you need a teleporter to transport the bad guy in there?

if so, then that helps everything


I am planning on making him step on that area then immediately get in the trap

then you probably did some code wrong hold up lemme test


just make the trigger show all the props and your done…

of course you need the vending machine to activate the trigger but thats it


Then you could just use a zone that is activated once you purchase from the vending machine to raise the bicycle rack?