I dont get the creative posting rules

something i dont undrstand is the gambling rule. I dont know what they mean and im worrid sinc th game im working on has alot of random things you get by using a tickt but i dont know if thats counted as gambling

Welcome to the forums @Morpmeep remember to read:https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/faq

I think something to keep in mind with this is that Gimkit themself has a lottery in farmchain. If your system is similar to that, it shoud be completely fine.

(sorry for my bad spelling my e key isnt working well) i dont recall seeing one but in my gam u answer qustions to get lottery tickts and use those to get random amount of money is that ok?

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Yes, like in farmchain, just avoid the words gambling or casino and stuff like that

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thanks the rules didnt explain all taht well imo

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