I can't put the picture I want on when I publish

so I am trying to publish my map, but it won’t let me put the picture on that I want. HELP!!

what happends when you try to?

so I download the image that I want, and then when I go to put the image onto it, the image dosn’t apear in the “downloud” screan thing

what i said is confusing I know

can you send a screenshot?

ok I am heruighidugfs


What does that mean?

ok so it’s here first then when i go to download it

it’s not there

I’ve had this problem before, is it a JPG file?

it mean, you have to have like 12 characters so thats why i did that. it dumb :frowning:

what’s that? and mabey

it’s png… jfgkjhfgkjsdf

It’s a smaller styler that’s mainly used for sharing and memory use, so I’m thinking Gimkit only accepts low-memory photos and yours may have been another form of file.

ok thank, i have to go i will try again later. thanks :frowning:

for extra charecters you can just do this <> and put a bunch of characters between it

like this

“movies?” i found out (quite harshly) that everything needs to be jpeg, just like a person above me said

Since the topic is pretty much resolved, we should probably wrap it up once @CoolGimkitPlayer gets back.

Did you know that its normal to get an error? You just need a png or whatever file you need, as long as it shows in the thumbnail box. Just click the publish button and it should show.

Well then do this

Screenshot 2024-01-06 3.36.17 PM

Screenshot 2024-01-06 3.37.21 PM

When I download an image the same issue happens sometimes so I just screenshot it