I can't move and screen is blacked out

So i was working on a project with a friend and I started the game to test some stuff. I was a bit laggy and when I went to press a button to teleport, my screen froze and went black besides the UIs at the top and bottom. So, I stopped the game and closed the leader board but my screen was still the same but with a button interact message. this problem still persisted after I started and stopped the game. My friend also told me that I wasn’t moving when I was pressing the keys. This problem hasn’t shown up again so far.

Did you try to reload

You need to rehost the game, if that doesn’t work restart you device, and if that doesn’t work email gimkit at hello@gimkit.com

I think they good now.

2.Shut down device
3.Make new world
4.email hello@gimkit.com

i think something similar happened to me once. this is what someone said when i told them about it

Actually I may know why this happened. The GPU process may have been killed while you were working on a Gimkit map, causing it to glitch out like that. Refreshing will solve the issue.

I said that…

Oh sry didn’t see yours…

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