I can't make zones bigger?

I thought you could change the size of a zone, but that is just not happening for me, and it’s a big problem.

You should be able to. In the change size button. Do you have pictures?

This is what it’s like for me, but try refreshing, as advised.

it’s a common glitch where the button doesn’t show try refreshing

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That’s super weird try refreshing

Indeed, that is the case, try refreshing

I’ll refresh rq

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should work once you refresh…

My refresh did not work, imma shut of my laptop and see if that does anything.

does it work now since you refreshed it?

Very weird, never seen that glitch maybe if you shut your laptop and get it back on

Or email hello@gimkit.com to see if it could get fixed.
If refreshing or restarting could work.

Refreshed thrice, shut off my laptop… Nothing worked, unfortunately.

Very very wierd as @California_Love mentioned if this keeps happening contact them.

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