I cant make the block in the platfourm map and i dont want my friends to use it as a short cut

I need it so the block cant be stand able

I need help ergfraegwertgwretghwthw

Hello??? Huhhohggvbitvt

Did you try disabling collision?

What is disable collision

Can you edit objects in Platform maps?

I cant it is a terrain

you cant make floors in PLATFORMER GMC

What honcwuybcorweyvtcti87vicwtws

Oh well I don’t know then

Oh well that is anoying

I need it to troll and i saw other people do that

Make it a prop and disable collisine

But i am useing terrain it does not let me edit it

In platformer you cant have terrane that you can fall through (Yet)

Oh I am sorry i wasted your time

It’s fine(Welp now you know😁)

Thank you so much! Hihkviuyviytcik5

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You should mark it solved so it doesn’t cause a clutter please

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