I cant get xp once i get to level 32

what do i do???

you reached the xp limit


Did you reach you weekly limit?
Please mark a solution.

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no not that i can see i still have a lot to go

  1. Welcome to the forums, but they are only for Gimkit CREATIVE posts.
  2. You reached the weekly XP limit. If you need more, then you might consider buying the season ticket (though the 3rd one comes out soon)
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I know that happens, it eventually works again. And also welcome!

Maybe a minor glitch contact hello@gimkit.com

Screen shot please?

Welcome to the forums @12345 but this is off topic

welcome to the community 12345

ok?wdym?its off topic

ohh sorry i was talking to someone else. and thanks!

next time try and put this is bugs

This forum is for gimkit creative only


the forum is meant for gimkit creative mode and not for things not about creative mode.

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ohh MB i didn’t know first time.

You should read this https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/faq

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welcome since you are new I suggest reading

I hope you enjoy your time here

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ok bet thanks for the help

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thanks and i will oo