I cant edit my community guide

I made a guide called “how to make pokemon pixel art” and I was really into it. Then I left it for a week and I can’t edit it anymore. What should I do because the guide was incomplete.**

I think u can edit after a week. Or is that a wiki…?

You have an editing limit. Sorry.

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It’s not a wiki, its just something only I can edit.

What’s the limit?

I think a month (since you last edited) or its 15 days
since you’re a member

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oh, ok, I can wait that long, thx @The_7th_Dragon

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Oh I didn’t know they had that.

welcome back

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well, if you ran out of editing time a regular can make you a wiki

pls, don’t, its the only original thing I have.

well, what he meant by that is AFTER that amount of time, you cant edit, EVER. a wiki is the only solution I have

on your guide you stated that you didn’t want anyone else to edit. well when making the wiki you can ask others not to edit it

you could always make another topic

ok @Caternaught you can make it a wiki, but I hope people don’t mess it up.

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do you want me to add your original guide in?

yes please

Pls reply when your done doing it @Caternaught

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im donzo.


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