I can;t use anything as my thumbnail

I can;t use anything as my thumbnail… I already wasted 6000 gimbucks and don’t wanna lose more. But I can’t use anything for my thumbnail! Every single image whether its a screen shot or download, or wallpaper, I can;t use it…


Use a jpeg. Rename it to .jpeg

Why did you waste 6000 gimbucks you can edit the info after you publish

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I didn’t publish at all…

How to you do that? thehruehr

Well, for me, I’m Chromebook.

I click on a file, change its name, and just do whatever name, and add .jpeg at the end.

That doesn’t work either…

Anybody else got ideas?

The same just happened to me and even though it says"upload error" it still let me publish it. Maybe that will work for you.

Use a converter. You can find any with a quick google search

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