I can’t get XP from getting questions correct!

and no not all of the questions are correct

how many answers are correct then?

that bug happends to me sometimes aswell, it might be because the kit was made on a student account?

  1. the thing is i still get xp from fishtopia (only fish and berries) . how do i get xp from questions??

if you have more than 1 (or 2, but i’ll have to check that) question correct, then you can’t get xp and sorry for the late response, i was playing clicker heroes


I remember duck life, i beat every game exept advventure the newest oone.

You have to have at least one correct.

i do. 3 are.

if you are maxed out on xp you cant get more xp.
or if you joined again and your host you can only use the host tab to get xp

i know those. even when i was no maxed out i did not get xp

oh then i dont know how to help anymore.

There is a glitch when you don’t get the notification at the top that you gained exp refresh your page

i check it but i still dont get xp

Maybe xp isn’t working for the new DLD update?

NVM, mine is working. Is it official or creative?

No, it works. Can you show a photo of the xp or whatever?

i already grinded fish