I am trying to set up a pop-up for when you spawn like the one in tag, but it does not work correctly

For some reason it pops up when ever you get in the zone, not just when you spawn in it.

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you link the popup to a lifecycle and relay

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Welcome to the forums, @1234567 !

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Use a lifecycle that listens for a player being knocked out. Make that open the popup.

Couldn’t you just put a zone right on top of the spawner and just wire the zone to the pop up.

Yeah, @Crimson_Knight’s right—why couldn’t you just do that?
If you only want it to popup once, deactivate the zone when to popup is closed…

You could also just put a trigger ontop of a spawner that activates the pop-up…

True—but would it be able to be triggered multiple times? By each player? Instead of just once?
And where’s the zone?

You can set it to either a global scope or a player scope and make it only triggerable once. Also, side-note, how do I post a gamecode on the wix lol, I opened it for the first time because I feel like showing off some block-code of mine, but can’t figure out how to post…

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You have to wait a bit—it won’t take forever, though.

Ok then. Hopefully it won’t take too long lol.

Hopefully… :slight_smile:

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