I am trying to make scp game which scp's should i add and what effects should i add

make the walls normally with space corridor.
Make the floors normally with lab floor white
Use sentries that are on the same team as you for guards.
Make a button wired to a checker to check for a key/keycard in your inventory to open barriers/doors
Use tinted dirt or moss for blood
Use popups to talk with npc’s or to select options when wanted

also, what scp’s are going in

all the scp’s that were named in thus chat

is there a way to make the sentrey’s look like scp’s and them to move?

also make a blinking ssystem

Young people such as 7,9,11 play Gimkit.

Can you include me in credits?

Some kids like horror, but you should warn people about the horror content inside the game, maybe in the description or title.

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i will include u it will e a good game

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Thanks I have been part of the SCPF since 2017. Even though I was quite young I was quite intriuged and to think a singe Roblox ad shaped me to be who I am.

Guards, not gaurds. Sorry.

Oh hey, is it still late to recommend scp 099 or 091( Nostalgia) :slight_smile: I think you could make cool assets out of it!


You missed the b in be the yo in you, and l in a single roblox. So you know.


He made grammar errors.


i am finished but plz still make suggestions and tell me ho to make sentry’s movde and make a blinking system

what is scpf i need to know

So I was breifly reading through the comments, and there has been a lot of comments about the age range of Gimkit-ers. Josh has SPECIFICALLY stated that the ONLY content that should be on Discovery should be appropriate for kids as young as 6 (kindergartners). Just make sure your stuff follows those guidelines.

i am making it family freindly

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