I am trying to make scp game which scp's should i add and what effects should i add

i know i am going to add scp 173,096,280 already

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i want at least 10 scp’s

You should defenitly add SCP-173 but then you would have to make a whole blinking system

Isn’t Scps too scary for children 10 and under?

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Well I don’t think children under ten do gimkit… (no offense if you do)

Yes, they do usually like first graders playing gimkit

Well, it won’t be allowed on the discovery page probably, I think its just gonna be a game in his saves, as said in its rules, and yeah, people under ten do like gimkit. It’s a fun place to play some cool Gimkits

unless your playing a children game

scp-999 could be a helpful scp, for example, you would just make the skin with barriers or something. However, you should probably make it so that when you interact with it(button) it heals you, since lore wise, it makes people happy and can even help with mental disorders. this would be a purely helpful scp.

also need a background and this is a more family freindly one

Children under 10 may still engage in scary activities, but a warning should be provided for those who are not interested in such themes. The warning should state that the content is scary or creepy.

ok i am to add scp 999 and 100

i will also add keycards,guns,and a caf’e

there will also be gaurds

I gotta know when this comes out

idk but i need 10 scps first

just use sentries that are on your team(team 1 or whatever)

another scp idea, the bloop. scp-1128. Basically, there are water floors around the map. When the player steps on it(zone detects it), it will cause them to die and send a notification “the bloop has had another victim,” or some other cheesy message.


ok i have all the scp’s i need now i need a background and ideas for whata to add