I am trying to make an amongus style game but i need help with the voting and imposter pls

I need help pls i have most things done but an overlook would be nice please and thanks and person that can help i would appreciate in to help the map design

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Try checking out these guides:

Here we go!

And the resources for it all:

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thats a lot for a new user to take in.

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Yeah, you’re probably right. Sorry, @Loomi42!


lol, poor @Loomi42 logs on fro the first time and gets like 10 guides from at @NavyCatZ and 20 from @wingwave, sheesh thats to much info to take in, i feel so bad for them.

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Wait @wingwave, if I post something, can you make it a wiki?

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holy moly, THANK you!!!

so the imposter wont spawn with a weopon even tho i have it hooked up to an item granter and also voting is really need help with ive tried all of these but there very confusing

I am mainly looking for something kind of like the voting screen in trust no one

How about this:
You know your relay device that switches the imposter to another team? With the same wire that sends, activate a wire repeater with a one-second delay that activates an item granter that grants your weapon.

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You need a one second delay if you’re using that method. If not, the game won’t grant the player an weapon.

That worked now i just need a way to vote

That won’t work with a single post. My 2.0 voting system allows you to have as many players as you want, and you can scroll through however you want.

Sadly, I cannot. I could post my own wiki guide and let you edit it all by yourself?