I am sorry. I have another question…

Okay my last brain cell is having a hard time so I will explain it the best I can. This is what I need.

All players must press a button to take them to the game, and I need this to track the amount of players. I don’t really care if it is live player counter or not. Within the game there is a safe zone for team 1. When all players except for ONE is in the zone, I want it to end the game. Then I want a separate mechanic to make it so that when only team 2 survives, the game ends. Thanks a bunch. And yes I know I already asked, but the answers I received did not work for me. If you have time, pictures really help me understand. Thank you!

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So. You could put a zone on the spawn point of the player. When player inters incriment counter. Then, make it update a property of your choice. Use the property block too. Then, hook up a button to another counter and make that update a different property. Then use a trigger and put if this property equals other brodcast message on channel of your choice.

Huh. What game are you trying to make?

that is for your first machine btw

A sort of tag-race-ghost in the graveyard spin off (it will probably be called something like Night at the Museum )

did it work??? SHould I go more in depth?

What does this mean?

then use a counter goal so when a player enters the zone, it decreases by one and make the goal one. On target reached, hook it up to a end game thing.

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