I am making an Among Us map, and I need help

How do I make you be able to do tasks, and, a bar that tells you if your impostor (Vortex) or Crewmate (Echo). If you get Impostor (Vortex) bots spawn in around the map, and when you destroy them all, you win, and game ends, but if you get Crewmate (Echo) you can only do tasks. How do I do this?

Thank You!

For the bar:
Connect a lifecycle set to game start to two relay devices. Set both of them to specific team and make each one a different team. Place down two pop-ups and connect the relays to their respective team’s pop-up.

For the Imposter stuff:
Put the sentries on whatever team the crewmates are on. Connect the sentries to a counter (I recommend you do this with channels, as wires can get messy) so that the counter increments when a sentry is defeated. Give the counter a target value equal to the total amount of sentries. Connect the counter to an endgame device so the game ends when the target value is reached.

If you want the imposters to win after they kill all the sentries, connect the counter to another counter so that when the target value is reached, the counter increments. Make that counter count a property and type in a name like Imposter Score. Make sure its scope is “team.” Place a property device and put in the property you made earlier. Set it to number and make the scope “team.” Go to the settings and click on score. Make sure the leaderboard is enabled, make it count a property, put in the property you made, and set the score group to team.

For the crewmates:
Connect their relay to buttons (I also recommend doing this via channels) so the buttons to do the tasks get activated for them. Make sure they are not active on game start and their active scope is set to “team.”