I am making a heist/burglary game on gimkit, any tips?

I have made an abandoned house so far as level 1, level 2 being apartment, suburb house, etc. any mechanics I should add? all feedback appreciated

Make sure your map is clean

as in? ------------------- <20 letter thing

Terrain looks good, props look good. DONT USE THE SAME TERRAIN LAYER THE WHOLE GAME

Make it so that in each level, level-related items are required. For example, for a house, in the kitchen, make it so forks and plates reveal written information and clues. (to do this, make it so that when a player walks to the counter, it triggers and opens a popup.)

ahh thanks i will probably work on design after the base game is done there are 4 levels, abandoned house, apartment, suburb house, mansion. do you have ideas for any other levels?

For a restaurant, make it so the police find the burglar and start to fight them. Using items hidden in the kitchen (like a weapon hidden inside the door but requiring an item found in a previous map) to receive this weapon. When the police is knocked out, the player goes through a laser maze and escapes to the next.

Other levels could be shopping centers, malls, restaurants, and hidden areas across the map that have little quests and NPCs that give quests that can give useful items.

Game name: Prime Pursuit

If this uses too much energy, I’m sure you could manage.

i am going for a game more so like the break in on steam and oculus (search up a video if u dont know what it is)

Like, first you’re in jail and you end up escaping? Then you just go around trying to become the richest burglar and while you’re doing that, you can’t get caught by the police?

no there are going to civilians inside of the house that if they see you they will shoot you and you are one hit so you have to be stealthy

and if you die you go to jail and have to break out to continue robbing

check out my guide How to Make a Heist Game or minigame

if a heist was done in a bank have it to where after they break in alarms go off and at a set time after that time police come and get them arrested(or if they break in at night have it to where they have to steal before people get here for their jobs in the early morning) idk lol

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add lore it makes the game WAAAY better.