I am making a game where you try to reach 10k cash and win but I am having a problem thinking of a job to do at the city part of the map

I would like to here some suggestions of what jobs I should do in the city example: Mining you can make 5k, town police etc. also this is a platformer world

there can be a bank supervisor that allows you to answer math questions and get cash


How about getting a job as a cashier and you have to work in a store to get paid at the end of the day?

  1. 1+1=2
    Earns 1k cash ↩︎


maybe a construction person. you can use dynamic stuff.

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What about a firefighter putting out fire with a blaster?

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how about a sports player? it can be basketball, or soccer.

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Maybe Racing would be a good idea in the game.

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Maybe you can build workplaces and you have 4 options to gain money.

  1. Go work at the formal workstation…
  2. Go catch fish and sell them
  3. You need to win platformers to gain money!
  4. Do boxing, if you knock out sentries and reach the end of a platformer, you gain money each time while knocking out a sentry and when you reach the end…
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Job ideas:

trash (props) appear around the map (like farmchain but more), the janitor’s job is to pick them up and put them in a trash can. Standard Paycheck: 500 a day
–hit man
you receive notices to kill people (if that is too hard, you can also go with sentries), and you get 400 for every kill, and you received 1~2 jobs each day
this one is a bit easy: there are buttons, and above the buttons there re barriers. You must press the button with the activated barrier above it. Standard Paycheck: 300 + tips (random integer from 50~500)


nice that is a good idea also that means there could be a a person who can steal