I am making a capture the flag snow

Any ideas on this map as I am a bit stuck

I can help you. Post a c0de on here:

But also please elaborate

okay I have done the beta I made a dash for 3 secs and have made the lobby

i could help you in game if you posted a c0de on the padlet
anyways what did you need help with, then

Oookay so I need help with design if you are good at it.

in my opinion i am

kay go on Padlet make a game then I will give you the c0de there

in your g@me get my plan :cowboy_hat_face:

WDYM? I never posted a c0de on there.
waiting for u to do so

Alr, I’m in. Let’s talk in-game as I don’t want this flagged for being off-topic.

I can help too!

Here, go on the padlet link I posted above.

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I’m on the link but idk which c0de it is

the one in bold letters
there’s an extra 2 in it.

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@turkeyhelpedkh @Kormorant it kicked me out

what about the other code tho
check the padlet again

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Which code?

it says from turkey and kormorant
anyways getting back on topic

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Sorry gtg now bye