I am making a bedwars game but there is a problem

So whenever the player dies whenever they have a bed or not they still respawn here are the screenshots of everything.

Look in the bedwars tag.
That might help.

I Already have but thanks for the suggestion!

Couldn’t you just remove the trigger? Or does it have blocks?

I gtg for a little but

I think you need the delay because the respawn animation is not instant.

Maybe connect the bed to activate a knockout manager that switches the player to spectator when they get knocked out?
Also, @Blizzy had (I don’t know if she still has it) a bedwars map, some people played it on the wixsite.
She might be able to help you.

I still have the Bedwars Map. @ThatGim What do you need help with? The Respawning?

I did this:
Starting Inventory: Gold Seed(1)

Lifecycle → Checker: Player Knocked Out → Run Check(Gold Seed Greater than 0)
Check Passes → Nothing
Check Fails → Team Switcher(Spectator)

Taking away the Seed:
Bed destroyed → Relay(All players on Specific Team)
Relay → Item Granter(-1 Gold Seed)


Oh ok will try it out!

@Blizzy do you need to do that for each team becuase they each have a different bed?

You did the trigger —> relay wire backwards.

Yea I realized that earlier but Blizzy’s way seems much simpler.

Using items is usually worse than other methods. Your current method uses less memory.

Hmmmm I will try both and see which one is most effective (right now im a about 40% memory and I’m almost done)

@Blizzy do I need 4 item granters or 1 in which each relay is hooked up to?

Only one item granter, but a relay for each team.

Ok thank you @getrithekd


and the wire setting are the same ones Blizzy said

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Also, I’m going to make a tug for bedwars soon…

Ok thank you and getrithekd y’all were very helpful

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