I am making a battle royale map any ideas

I need ideas for my battle royale map.

  1. A large, dynamic map with various landscapes and locations for players to explore and engage in combat.

  2. A variety of weapons and equipment for players to find and use to gain an advantage in battle.

  3. A shrinking play area that forces players to constantly move and engage in combat to stay alive.

  4. Different game modes, such as solo, duo, or team play, to accommodate different play styles.

  5. In-game events that change the course of the game, such as airstrikes, loot drops, or dangerous weather conditions.

  6. An advanced matchmaking system that balances skill levels and connects players with similar interests.

  7. A replay system that allows players to review their matches and improve their gameplay.

  8. Social features that allow players to connect with friends and form squads.

Was this made with an AI?

No… why do you ask?

Seriously though, add classes.

Number 8 has me scratching my feathers. How do you plan on making that?

Buttons that correspond with each team:
Blue (team 1) Red (Team 2), etc.
The first person to press the button is in control of that group’s color, so when someone asks to j0in (by using the button) it shows a popup that looks like:
“Triggering players name has asked to form an allegiance
Invite to the (Property/teamcolor) group?
Accept is a button, decline is a separate one.
Also it was made with an AI who knows nothing about GKC, I made this up on the fly…

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Actually, I could make a guide on that…

  • Make a guide
  • I have no preference
  • Don’t make a guide
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Sigh… I’ll start on Monday. That was actually a good question to ask, @ClicClac!

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Different weapons and classes, like a melee class with high defense/damage and a shotgun with low velocity and firerate, and a pistol with high velocity and medium firerate for example

Trading sentries, weapon upgrade per knockout, loot crates, energy, tag zones (for melee).

Adapt my voting guide. Use this:

Melee combat. I’ll probably make a guide on that later.