I am having trouble with my pop up and damager

so i have an ability in my game that when you press a button you get a pop up and a players name, and can choose to get said player to 1 hp, there is also a next button, how can i make it so that the player who is clicked is damaged instead of the person with the popup?

are players randomized for the popup?

yes, do i set the relay to the pop-up/damager?

oops, i meant is the player who gets it randomized? and is the player on the popup randomized?

when you mean “get” do you mean who gets damaged?

the one that gets the popup to damage someone else

no they have their own secluded area with buttons and one button opens the pop up and i am trying to get the call to action to be a player’s name

so – i’m sorry for all the questions – let me get this straight. the player presses a button and then they get a popup with a random player’s name. they get to choose if they want to damage that player or not using popup call to actions. is this correct?

yes but i cant make the call to action button on the popup to be a players name

you can just have the call to action be “damage player” and have the content within the popup say the random player’s name


ok will do thank you i already know about the block code.

wait, is that all you needed help with? btw you need to use block code for the random player’s name on popup…

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