I Am Annoyed At This Survival Game Crate Issue

I Am Trying To Make Gimkit Survival Games, But I Want The Crates To Have Player-Scope, So Everyone Gets Something. Turns Out, You Can’t Turn On Damage Unless The Scope Is Set To Global! This Is Very Annoying. Is There Any Way To Get Around It?
(I am using a Wooden Crate)

Please do not put topic as very very annoyed…please put it to what is about or people will flag you.(i wouldn’t but there are flag happy people)
also ill look into it.

You could make it to where only a certain area has it…
Like an enter and exit zone?
Im just as confused as you…

There isn’t a way to make props take damage while also being player scoped, sadly. However, there might be an alternative way to accomplish what you want to do. What are you trying to do?

I am trying to have crates that you break with weapons that give a random amount of items when broken, but I want everyone to get stuff, so I want the scope to be player.

Wait, so do a block code where it does a random interger from like 1-10 and then set it up to where it is litterally random…
Like you select what they get but make it random.

I know how to make the random items, but the scope is the issue. I can’t have people break the crate if the scope is set to player

Make it like a button that breaks the crate…

I mean, I could.
If I don’t find a better suggestion, I will use that

The reason I said a button is because you could use it and it could run a trigger which would have the randomizer code and then it would give a random item???
idk, im not that smart.

sure, I will do that

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hold on ill try to get some people to help.
give me some time and we might get some experts on the case
if they agree to take the case!
at worst i make a bug post about it not working.

You could use a button that’s invisible in game…or have a crate on top of item spawners, then when you break the crate you have access to those

also i saw the same type of thing but i thought it was a bug because i as on a different type of computer and at the time gimkit was mega-glitchingx5billion…but didn’t realize how that the scope and damage function was connected

Did it end up working or no?

Yes, it did

Ok, Well I am Glad I was Able to help. do you have time to work on Keep Away 2 Or no?

No my class is about to start

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Ok, well let me know when you have time, I will check here and the Archives…
also the first map is semi made.


Probably Excessive ._.

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