Hunting style game

How do you make it so only player has guns and tries to get the other players?

A relay set to random to transit a signal to give and item to a random player

Welcome to the forums! Make sure a lifecycle’s wired to the relay that picks the random player and the relay to an item granter.

Thanks a lot! I’m almost finished with it, so I should be publishing it soon.

Pls mark a solution when you have one @GIMCHESTERDOBBIE

I’m trying right now. Sorry

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I seem to have forgotten how? Could someone run me through it again.

How to mark a solution?

Yes. I need to mark my posts with resolved tags

What are you using? Mobile or Laptop/Desktop?

You got it, nevermind.

Laptop. But I think I found out. Just mark a solution in the conversation, right? Apologies if I’ve inconvenienced you.

You marked one. And no problem. I’m here to help and get help. I am in no way inconvenienced.

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