Hunger Games: What should I do?

pretty sure I saw a guide for a storm but I can’t find it rn

Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes

To do this it would take quite a few zones, however it could be worth it. Here are the steps:

  1. Place zones around the border of the map and set them to be off when the game starts
  2. Have a repeater that activates every few minutes (this is what is slowly advancing the zone)
  3. Set up a property that is increased when the repeater activates
  4. Have a checker that checks if the property is a value of one, if so it activates a few of the zones
  5. If someone steps in the zone have them activate a respawn device or team switcher
  6. Have the checker continue to check to see if the values are increasing and with each increment more zones should be activated.

Here is the requested screenshot:

Imagine that the zones in that 3x3 grid over there is your map, when the repeater is activated every few minutes it increases a property (not shown in image), also when the repeater activates it triggers a trigger which checks the property value, if the value is one it activates the zones which when activated and a player steps into them the player is knocked out (using the respawn device).

Hope this helped!- @Wumpus

that is the fourth, of course the one book i haven’t read yet, so um google is my friend for this.

Google will help lol. Its a violent book for sure, but I’m tryna pick a not-so-violent chapter.

yeah, maybe do a important chapter, like the intro to the games, but eliminate the gore from the sences. it may allow you to make the rest of the game if you do so.

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