HUHHHHHHHHHHHH? is this a bug or what?


I try to place a wire repeater and its just NOTHING


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Do you have Visibility on?
Is it not visible to players?

I’m in the editor, it should be visible to players IN the editor

The server is down, so while you are in a game, it might crash or experience weird errors, but try refreshing your page.

huh, that’s weird.
Try reloading

This is also just a semi-regular occurrence. Sometimes things disappear. If you reload/reset the editor it should be fixed.

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Yeah thats why i said try refreshing, but it maybe the server, not to sure.

My map is gone-

That, is the server crashing your device, you may want to X-out of gimkit before you lose other things. And i would email gimkit about your map.

Ummm, yeah, I don’t know how this would happen, except for a bug.

I had like 2 maps there I refresh my GKC tab and they’re just gone.

I just HOPE they will be back (I didn’t have anything important there but still weird)

Agreed, we have not had an issue do that before.

Should we ping Josh? Or shdwy?

Neither, josh most likely will not answer, and shdwy can’t fix it either.

Then who do we ping?

I guess just leave it alone.

I messaged josh, he responds around this time and i have a good relationship with him. SO he should respond soon.


(Sorry if this is like uhh)

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