How would you make a chase

im making a chase thing, it doesnt have to be a sentry teleporting to you, just something that makes you run and if you dont you d!e

A coordinate device probably that checks if your current coords are different from your previous ones.

so if your coords dont change you d!e? is that what you mean?

Yep thats it

we could go more easy. put a counter to a number of seconds and make if count down. if it gets to 0, put a damager and make it knock out the player. this will force the player to keep running.

ok, NOW that’s it. if anyone has anymore ideas, post it.

I made a movement system… if you don’t run you get respawned… it was meant to be a memory efficient afk detector but it could work for this system

btw its going to be gone soon cuz I didn’t pay for premium so if you want it you have to download it before thursday

you can use a movement meter, item granter, and counter to track how long you’ve been moving, and then use a repeater to a different counter and if the repeater’s counter is more than the meter’s counter than it will respawn you.

then you could have barriers on top of zones that activate when you leave the zone so you can’t go back.

u can also have lasers that appear like lava

actually, you only need one counter… check out the video


I was just testing this I didnt look at the video.