How would you adjust the target on a counter according to the number of players

I know this has to do with block code, and if loops, player counters, and properties, right?

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Bump post.

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I don’t know I think @Here_to_help can help

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I thought you were a genius according to the guide post you made

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hold on i can probably make something, i know it would have something with counters, properties, and a lot of other complicated blocks and stuff, but i might know how

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this might or might not work, but it will take up a lot of memory. don’t credit me with this because it might not work sadly.


Get these devices:
five checkers
one wire repeater
one property
one lifecyle
one trigger
and 5 counters


Set up the lifecycle device to game start.
Set up the property ‘people’
it should look like this:


Add a wire repeater with a 5 second delay
wire the lifecycle to it, and then wire it to the checkers
the checkers should have 1 checks, one of them checking the property ‘people’. the first check will check if it is equal to 1, the second checker if the property is equal to 2, ect for all five.


Wire each of them to the counters. none of the counters should be activated on start, but instead they activate when the checker passes. the one checking if the property is equal to one should be connected to the counter with the target of one, so on so on.


finally, wire the lifecycle to the trigger and make these blocks in the trigger:

hopefully that worked if it didn’t, sorry for wasting your time.

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@WhoAmI did you test it, what happened

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I managed to do this using a repeater and trigger, where the number of players is stored in a property, and the trigger, using block code, constantly runs an if loop for the number of players to adjust the target on a counter.

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