How would u make a castle

ok so u guys know how caslte walls work with the riges and stuff and the towers will i need to know how to make the towers please help

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also midivil times thank u

Do you want it with terrain or props?
(I’m bad at art so I think I won’t be able to make it 3d but I’ll try)

props terrain i suck so as long as it kinda looks 3ish d thats fine

and good as long as it looks good I’m sure u can do great :slight_smile:

Thanks! Give me a few minutes.

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You should proceed with making the community-made guide.
After it is done, you may want @Chumbucket to mark the guide as a solution.

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Here! (Too lazy to make a guide)

(yes it looks kinda bad, sorry i suck at art)


ohh i kinda see it not terrible i can build off of that thanks but i would have used boards instead of barriers tinted boards and those plants look like hands so i would make an arch out of those thank u